1. Reitumetse starts work and at the end of each month she deposits R500 into a savings account. Calculate how much money she will have accumulated at the end of six years if the interest on the savings is 8% p.a. compounded monthly.
    14 Jun 2018 14:13
  2. Jenna invests R20 000 into a savings account. The interest paid on money in the account is 15% p.a. compounded monthly. Calculate how long (in years and months) it will take for the savings to reach R100 000
    28 May 2018 12:19
  3. A farmer buys a combine harvester at a cost of R1,3 million. The depreciation on the harvester is calculated at 12% p.a on a reducing balance. Calculate the book value of the harvester at the end of eight years.
    15 May 2018 12:29
  4. On the 2nd of January 2015 a company bought a new printer for R150 000.The value of the printer decreases 20% annually on the reducing-balance method.When the book value of the printer is R49 152, the company will replace the printer.
    08 May 2018 10:46
  5. Diane invests a lump sum of R5 000 in a savings account for exactly 2 years. The investment earns interest at 10% p.a., compounded quartely.
    17 Jan 2018 17:27