1. Given h(x) = -x3 + ax2 + bx and g(x) = -12x, P and Q(2; 10) are the turning points f h. The graph of h passes through the origin.
    20 Jul 2017 14:09
  2. A rain gauge is in the shape of a cone. Water flows into the gauge. The height of the water is h cm when the radius is r cm. The angle between the cone edge and the radius is 60 degrees, as shown in the diagram below. Diagram
    20 Jul 2017 14:13
  3. For two events, A and B, it is given that:

    P(A) = 0,2
    P(B) = 0,63
    P(A and B) = 0,126

    Are the events, A and B, independent? Justify your answer with appropriate calculations.
    20 Jul 2017 14:21
  4. A survey was conducted at a local supermarket relating the distance that shoppers lived from the store to the average number of times they shopped at the store in a week. The results are shown in the table below. Diagram
    20 Jul 2017 16:22
  5. The heights of 160 learners in a school are measured. The height of the shortest learner is 1.39m and the height of the tallest learner is 2.21m. The heights are represented in the histogram below. Diagram
    20 Jul 2017 16:33
  6. In the diagram, A(-7;2), B, C96;3) and D are the vertices of a rectangle ABCD. The equation of AD is y = 2x + 16. Line AB cuts the y-axis at G. The x-intercept of line BC is F(p ; 0) and the rectangle of BC with the positive x-axis is α. The diagonals of the rectangle intersect at M. Diagram
    22 Jul 2017 03:44
  7. In the diagram, M is the center of the circle passing through T(3;7), R and S(5;2). RT is a diameter of the circle. K(a;b) is a point in the 4th quadrant such that KTL is a tangent to the circle circle at T. Diagram
    22 Jul 2017 06:07
  8. Given: sin16° = p
    Determine the following in terms of p, without using a calculator
    22 Jul 2017 06:17
  9. In the diagram the graph of f(x) = 2sin2x is drawn for the interval x ∈ [-180°; 180°]. Diagram
    22 Jul 2017 06:24
  10. E is the apex of a pyramid having a square base ABCD. O is the centre of the base. Angle EBA = θ, AB = 3m and EO, the perpendicular height of the pyramid is x.Diagram
    22 Jul 2017 06:30
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